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Horseback Riding

In Cal Perelló we have two horses and two mares for ridings. Usually, we go out with three horses (two riders plus the guide). We consider this the ideal number to enjoy the excursion and to take it all in, at the same time.

The ridings are made according with the level of the less experienced rider, include instructions from the guide and were always preceded by a bit of knowledge, communication and management of the horse.

The center of Catalonia is furrowed by hundreds of miles of calm and very ancient paths that are suitable for journeys on horseback.

The half-day rides (morning or afternoon,) from l’Ametlla allow for visits to Vallfogona, Albió, Suró, Passanant (Conca de Barberà), el Fonoll, Guimerà, Ciutadilla, Verdú (Urgell), Montornès, Montoliu, la Guàrdia-Lada, Cabestany, Llindars, Granyena (Segarra). On all-day rides, we can go as far as Santa Coloma de Queralt, Conesa, Rocafort de Queralt, Forés, Belltall, Nalec, Anglesola, la Curullada or Cervera.

Two-day excursions permit to journey all the way to Vallbona de les Monges and the regions of Garrigues, Noguera, the north of Segarra, the south of Solsonès and the west of Anoia.


Equestrian Inn

Cal Perelló also has stables to lodge horses if the customers prefer to ride their own horses or if they want to make night stops while journey.





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